Its favorable geographical location at the crossroads of three continents- Europe, Africa and Asia- enables Cyprus to be a natural business hub for foreign citizens. Thus, not only does it pose an attractive gateway into Europe by virtue of both its geographical location and EU Membership, but it also offers attractive opportunities for investment for foreign citizens into the CIS countries, Africa and Middle East.

There are various reasons why Cyprus can be the preferred destination for foreign clients conducting business as these are summarized below.

High Quality of Life

In Cyprus you can find a healthy and safe environment with very high standards of living. In addition to this the delicious Cyprus kitchen and the magnificent all-year around sunshine weather make Cyprus the perfect location to raise a family and start a new life.

Advanced Infrastructure

Cyprus has modern and advance infrastructures such as sophisticated roads, modern airports and ports are one of the main reason of attracting foreign direct investment the island.

Doing Business in Cyprus

Cyprus is becoming a very popular choice for businesses who wish to open Cyprus International Business Companies or IBCs (formerly known as 'Cyprus offshore companies') due to its generous tax incentives. In addition to this there is a very advantageous tax system with the development of a significant number of bilateral treaties for the avoidance of double taxation between Cyprus and other countries. Furthermore as a member of the European Union Cyprus offers stability and safety to anyone that wants to investment in Cyprus with transparency and efficiency in all transactions.

Legal and Regulatory Framework

There is a robust and reliable legal and regulatory framework based on the principles of Common Law which is the main reason that Cyprus is considered to have an effective and business-friendly system. Both the legal and regulatory framework are ensuring the reliability and transparency in business transactions and practices in Cyprus.


Citizenship and Permanent Resident Permits

Cyprus offers attractive investor migration programs whereby the Cyprus Citizenship can be granted to high net worth individuals that are willing to invest in the Cyprus economy. The applications can be submitted by the applicant personally, by post or by the applicant's agent. The Civil Registry and Migration Department assesses applications on a fast track basis and subsequently forwards the applications to the Minister of interior for approval.Successful applicants for the Cyprus Citizenship enjoy unlimited free movement rights to the rest of the European Union.

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