This service offers behind-the-scenes legal support both for a self-represented litigant and for lawyers in order to provide them with the tools and strategies needed to present their case effectively in the court of Law. Our lawyers can provide you with the necessary assistance, information, practical tips and strategic advices in order to persuade the judge for the right of your case.

A compilation of thousands documents can provide professional support for lawyers or self-represented litigants on business and litigation legal issues.

What does legal guidance involve?

Legal guidance is an umbrella term for a number of different and various services that can be offered to our clients depending the process that lawyers or self-represented litigants are in a court and the facts of the case. Our services include:

  • Assistance in identifying and setting realistically achievable goals by correctly evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of both the case you have to meet and your case
  • Providing ready – made forms of all legal proceedings based on our great experience of handling cases in the court of Law.
  • We can provide legal advice together with legal research whenever is necessary
  • Commenting and reviewing on court legal documents
  • Assistance in drafting or revising legal documents for court and for various other legal matters.
  • Giving strategic advice and guidance in Cypriot court system

What does legal guidance do?

The role of the legal guidance department is to assist you in orer to assess as best as possible your legal situation and to promote your case in the best possible way. We will evaluate the way that you handled your case so far and provide you with options how and what you can do in a better way. We reassure you that with our professional help you will get the most out of your current skills.

Legal guidance can assist you to:

  • Clarify and identify your goals by selecting the best available options
  • Improved your performance by giving you experiences answers to issues causing your concern
  • Helps you raise an awareness for the “big” picture
  • build your confidence and with this way increase your ability to successful tell your story in powerful and effective manner

Who’s legal guidance for?

Legal guidance has been designed for individuals who are handling their own matter and for lawyers that want to improve their performance. It refers to anyone who:

  • seek for an advice about certain legal matters in order to have better results and to understand how the law applies to his/her case
  • wishes to avoid further litigation conflict that will cost time and money
  • wants to achieve the best result and make their way through the legal system successfully by identify the key advantages and presenting them in an effective manner to the judge
  • wants to understand how a judge will consider and view their argument and what are the ore important parts of their case in order to persuade the judge and anticipate other party arguments

If you are included in one of the above situations that mean you can benefit for our legal guidance service. Our team consisting from experienced lawyers can assist you immediately and after your request to make an impact in your case resulting to a positive outcome

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