The Banking & Finance lawyers at Hadjisterkotis LLC provide professional legal advice on all matters regarding both domestic and cross-border financing transactions. The whole range of services includes structured finance, securitisations, real estate finance and leveraged finance.

Our firm can provide you with professional assistance and advice on complex transactions that is tailored to the needs of your business. The fundamental aspect of our working policy is to build strong relationship with our clients having as a result our firm to be considered by them as a firm with trusted advisers. Through this strong relationship with our clients we are able to understand their needs and provide them with practical solutions in commercial field. Our banking and finance team collaborate with other departments in our firm achieve to offer our clients with the results that they expect and in order to seal the deal in a short amount of time.


  • Account Opening
  • Account Management
  • Internet Banking

Account opening & Due diligence

Due to a significant knowledge and expertise acquired through many years of working with banks in Cyprus, we are able to provide you with a safe guidance in order to make the best selection of the bank and the type of account most suits to your needs. We put your order into effect in the most timely and cost effective manner. We provide you with all the information which you will need to open an account and keep you informed constantly until the completion of your application for the opening of a new bank account.

Account management 

Our banking department gained a valuable experience in the banking transactions and that made us the single point of contact, for our clients for all their banking needs and requests. Our services for account management include:

  • We provide interest rate optimization solutions.
  • We monitor your transactions and keep you constantly updated in your account balances
  • We handle all the type of money or funds transactions, including value date monitoring, follow up and we provide the swift confirmation to the client.
  • We can handle and provide you with solutions to any problem arise with a bank organization regarding complicated money or fund transactions


Our legal firm can offer various solutions in opening a bank account and you can choose the most suitable option among those solutions made available for you.

Current account

This type of account allows to customers to allocate money directly to other people and also you are provided with a cheque-book, access to your personal account via online banking from anywhere in the world and even allow you to borrow via overdraft.

Escrow accounts

With the use of an escrow account an amount of money can temporarily stay in this account held by a third party until the completion of the transaction process between two parties. Transaction is completed when all the conditions of an agreement are settled between the seller and the byer.


A fixed deposit

A fixed deposit account is considered to be an investment account. The person who uses this type of account deposit money for a certain period of time and then he/she receives a fixed interest rate at the end of the stated period. Compare to other type of investments is considered to be a safer investment option.

Safe deposit boxes

Safe deposit boxes can provide to the individual a convenient and private place to keep his/her valuable items away from his/her house without having the fear to be stolen.

Custodial account

This type of account considered to be a financial account. The administration of this account is made by the custodian who has fiduciary obligation against the beneficiary for whom this account has been opened.

Merchant account

With this account a business can receive payments in more than one way, usually with credit or debit cards. This type of account follows an agreement between a merchant and an acceptor for the way that the balance of the account will be settled.


Our internet banking department has established a long tradition of providing international banking services to individuals and non-resident companies. Our internet banking services offer you the ability to access your account from anywhere in the globe. From the ease of your house abroad you can easily check your account by using the telephone, fax or email. Transferring funds electronically and monitoring your account has become the simplest activity with our help to set up an internet banking account. In order to open an account or carry out a banking transaction in most cases you don’t have to visit the country. Our collaboration with Cypriot banks makes the work easier for you. Our internet banking services include preparation and submission of all application forms needed, dispatch of instruments and access code activation for your account for the remotely management of your account. In addition to this you can make an order anything in regards your international investments online.

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